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Technical Manager – Lead Developer
Software Development Expert
Architecture - Conception - Optimization - Advice


Retired April 1, 2023

Knowledge is not likely to flow from the fullest to the emptiest.


Professional experience & Results

Since 2015
YAK Pro – Php Obfuscator    

Personal software development.
Free, Open Source, Published under the MIT License.
YAK Pro - Php Obfuscator is available on GitHub !
It simply aims to be the best php obfuscator.

Since 2002
YAK Pro – Web Portal System

Personal software development.
Web Mason
Web Portals and Intranet-Extranet-Internet Infrastructure Manager

From 2001   to 2018
Stock 12 : Controls the inventory for companies (mainly pharmacies).

Software Development Manager.

Custom inventory ERP


  • Web based team management has saved mobile phone calls.
  • Web based recruitement web enabled a significant resources savings.

Performance Boost:

  • Jobs processing.
  • Scheduling.
  • real time input mistakes correction.




From 1984   to  2000
Intertechnique – IN2 – SNI – Siemens – FSC.
Technical Projects Manager for a computer manufacturing company.


Compilers , Interpreters , Meta-Compilers  and System Expert

A great technological challenge  :

  • To realize a C compiler for an atypical system: IN-Pick.

Outperform the competitors:
  • Basic 8000: The most powerful Pick-Basic in the market.


Firefighter : Member of the Rapid Action Force.
Quick emergency interventions.

Interface between development teams, stays in Germany, 1 month in the United Sates.

Multidisciplinary: Applicative, Men Machine Interfaces, Databases, Network, Firmware
Fast mastering of new technologies and new environment. Comprehensive globalized vision.

SOS Developer
Expert : Developer Support, before, during and after projects.





  • Software development Expert :
    Advising and support to other developers.
    Creativity, Autonomy.
  • Design and realization of configurable and reusable applicative frameworks.
  • Collaborative work in international environment.



  • Global view, analysis of needs, constraints, and unspoken words.
  • Solution proposal force.
  • Technology surveying: Detection and use of the New Technologies within the projects.



  • Technical software development team manager (3 to 12).
  • Interface between development teams
    (Software / Software - Software / Hardware)
  • Skills Sharing.




Languages, Tools, Etc.
(non exhaustive lists)



C, C++, php,  Java, JavaScript, Visual Basic, Pick BASIC, C#, perl, python, asp, VBscript, assembly languages, ...


Linux, Unix, Windows, Android, PICK.


MySQL, jQuery, jQuery-ui, html5, css3, xml, Apache, ...

Areas of expertise:

Dynamic web sites, Compilers, Interpreters, User interfaces.






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