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Since 2015: YAK Pro - Php Obfuscator

yakpro-po is a free open source php obfuscator, published under the MIT License,
that you can download from GitHub.

GitHub repository:
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Mini demo site:

from 2001 to 2018: Gestock
C LanguagephpLinuxMySQLCompact Framework .Netjquery - the write less do more libraryJavaAndroid A Complete Inventory Management Software Package.
2002: mppksag : Multi Purpose P.K. Syntax Analyzer Generator.
C LanguageLinuxVisual C++Windows mppksag is a Syntax Analyzer generator.
it takes a grammar description as an input, and produces a corresponding C source code.

Product Web Site:
from 1990 to 1991: Xed
X11NSL X-FaceMakerOSF-Motif Graphical multi-language syntaxic editor for unix and UniVerse.
from 1986 to 1989: Basic 8000
Pick SystemAssembleur Motorola 68020 et 68881 Conception of the Basic new Architecture.
Coding & Tests of the Compiler (PCodes), as well as of the Interpreter and of the run-time.
Customer A-Tests Support.
Asm 68020 - 68881 (Cross Asm sur VAX VMS)

from 1986 to 1987: C Compiler - V1
C LanguagePick System Porting on the new generation of machines, of the previous compiler.
Add of new assembly instructions.
from 1984 to 1986: C Compiler - V0
C LanguagePick System Write from scratch of a C compiler for an atypical system:
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