Projects concerning "Visual C++"

2002: mppksag : Multi Purpose P.K. Syntax Analyzer Generator.
C LanguageLinuxVisual C++Windows mppksag is a Syntax Analyzer generator.
it takes a grammar description as an input, and produces a corresponding C source code.

Product Web Site:
2000: MultiScreens
LinuxphpMySQLWindowsVisual C++Visual Basic Advertisement Panels Administration and Management.
(http push).
2000: Havas Terminals
Visual BasicWindowsVisual C++ Administration and Runtime Environment of Havas products (ADI etc.) for the public.
from 1998 to 2000: ServerStart
Visual BasicWindowsVisual C++ Bootable CD, helping to configure Servers (Raid Cabinets, etc.) and to install Operating Systems.


Collaborative Project with Germany.
( Use of ClearCase )
from 1997 to 1998: ServerView
Visual C++ SNMP services implementation for MIPS machines running Windows  NT.
1996: System Explorer
Visual BasicVisual C++Windows NT Servers Administration from a remote workstation running w9x or NT.
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