Projects concerning "Linux"

from 2001 to 2018: Gestock
C LanguagephpLinuxMySQLjquery - the write less do more libraryCompact Framework .NetJavaAndroid A Complete Inventory Management Software Package.
from 2002 to 2019: YAK Pro - Web Portal System
jquery - the write less do more libraryphpLinuxMySQL YAK Pro - Web Portal System is a Content Management System!

The site that you are currently visiting ( ) is made using this product!
Product Web Site:
2002: mppksag : Multi Purpose P.K. Syntax Analyzer Generator.
LinuxWindowsVisual C++C Language mppksag is a Syntax Analyzer generator.
it takes a grammar description as an input, and produces a corresponding C source code.

Product Web Site:
2000: MultiScreens
LinuxphpMySQLWindowsVisual C++Visual Basic Advertisement Panels Administration and Management.
(http push).
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